Welcome To WonderBi Hive

A WonderBi Classroom to Learn and Share

Topic 1:
JumpStart With WonderBi Analytics

In this video, you get a quick look at how WonderBi Analytics works and help you get a jump start in transforming your data and reports into highly interactive and engaging visualizations on your mobile devices.

Topic 2:
Introduction To WonderBi Cloud

In this video, you get a quick look at WonderBi Analytics’ Report Authoring and Publishing platform. you can easily convert any reports into interactive, and engaging visualizations for accessing it on your mobile devices. With interactive reporting and visualizations available on your mobile devices, you get business insights, anytime anywhere.

Topic 3:
Create Your First Report With WonderBi Analytics

In this video we will give you a quick tour of how the WonderBi analytics “Report Authoring and Publishing platform” works and help you get started to create your own stunning reports and visualizations that you can access on your mobile devices and get business insights wherever you are.

Topic 4:
WonderBi Best Practices

In this video, we will give you an overview on few best practices you should follow while preparing data to create your interactive reports and visualizations.

Download Sample Report Templates from below: